ride-on-dinner (6) with Architecture+Philosophy

4pm Saturday 10 December 2011, Edinburgh Gardens Fitzroy North (near the southern playground on Alfred Cresent opp. Jamieson St, ready for a 5.30pm departure)

Join a swarm of riders on a gentle rolling urban meal adventure. We take a slow meal journey sharing food and ideas over the duration of an easy early-evening cycle. Bring a serve of bite-sized refreshing food that you’d like to share for dinner.


The ride-on-dinner is a mobile event initiated by the Cultural Transports Collective exploring simple pleasures in hospitality and local knowledge whilst feeling the way of food and transport systems. Diners become co-creators riding relationships between individual human body, a temporarily collected social body and the stretched-out urban body that lies between Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North and Princes Park, Princes Hill.

Along the way will be wild and impromptu speeches that reflect on the conjunctions between Architecture+Philosophy, and gestures that refresh know-how and ideas on food, body, mobility and the local environment-world through which we roll.

No matter the weather, just roll up with your bike, a serve of food, lights and a jacket!
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Architecture+Philosophy is an independent program that provides a space of exchange between the two disciplines.



Do IT YOURSELF ride-on-dinner!
Use and abuse the ride-on-dinner RECIPE as you feel.
Object Gallery have done it as part of the Sydney Design Festival; the Youth Food Movement have done it as part of the Sydney Food Festival.

If you DIY, send us images and we’ll post them here; give us feedback and we can make improved recipes!



The Cultural Transports Collective undertakes each ride-on-dinner in collaboration with a partnering group, organisation or event. Our partners share interests in the arts, transport, food or sustainability. We ride up and join alongside to offer the ride-on-dinner as an act of hospitality. Each ride-on-dinner responds to the unique opportunities presented by regional area, the available riding routes, particular urban locations and the seasonal local food.

The framework and concerns of the partnering group and their social network provides a new context into which the ride-on-dinner offers an aesthetic experience. We offer workshops with participatory partners to develop all the elements of a ride-on-dinner in a new context with new communities. Workshops explore the local lived environment, sustainable food production, community food interests, recipes and diet, pedal powered vehicles and sustainable transport lifestyles. After a 3-6 day workshop, one or more celebratory ride-on-dinners takes place.

The pedal-powered vehicles enabling the ride-on-dinners are Melbourne-based and easily freighted longer distances (preferably by rail) for ride-on-dinners outside Melbourne. New vehicles can also be developed as part of a ride-on-dinner project with partner groups beyond Melbourne.

If you want us tell us. Invite us. Grow food for us. Saddle up for dinner.